About Us

It all starts with my dad Pete Deleonibus he came from bari and he went to school and worked his butt off in a pizza place until he owned several pizza places of his own.

I started with him going to pizza place when I was 13 scooping Gino’s ices and as I got older I moved around the kitchen and the front then I started to make pizzas. 

It was exciting for me to make pizza and put a smile on faces. So then I started in Staten Island and I opened my first pizza place Pasquales Pizza 1. Then Pasquale’s Pizza 2 in Princess Bay, Staten Island. That was followed by my third pizza place in Middletown Pasquale’s Pizza 3.

Then Pasquale’s Pizza 4 in Linden and now my 5 location in Howell under a new name Pat D’s Pizza. Look for more locations in the near future. It has been a great run putting thousands of smiles on faces.